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The Story of Prophet Harun (Aaron)


Did you know?

15) Pharaoh said, “Do you dare to believe in God before I allow you?” Indeed, Moses was your leader who taught you magic. then you will know the consequences later. I will cut off your arms and legs crosswise then I will cross you all! ” – Refer to the Quran (26:49). The sorcerers and the Egyptians who had just received God’s guidance replied, “We are not afraid of your threats! Because to God we return. ” – Refer to the Quran (26:50). Then all those who already believed in God were arrested, amputated, crucified and killed. After that incident, to prevent the prophet Moses and his followers from continuing to shake the throne of the pharaohs, the pharaoh’s army was mobilized to kill every son of the Children of Israel and let their women live. And the pharaoh asked the prophet Moses to be killed for fear of more people becoming his followers.

16) Then came a member of the family of Pharaoh who in silence had believed in God. He tried to advise the pharaoh and not to kill the prophet Moses. He said, “You are trying to kill a man just because he said God is his god? Let him live. If he cheats, his deception will eat away at himself. But if he tells the truth and you kill him, you will run out later. ” So Pharaoh and his advisers decided not to kill Moses.

17) By this time, the Children of Israel were losing their spirits. They are depressed because more and more of their people are being killed. Moses said, “Ask Allah for help and be patient, for the earth belongs to Allah, He has given it to whom He wills of His servants; and a good end is for the pious” – Refer to the Quran (7: 128). Then they said to Moses, “What is the difference? Before you came to us, the pharaoh tortured us by killing our baby because he did not want you to be born into the world. And after you came to us, the pharaohs still tormented us by killing our sons, also because of you. ” Prophet Musa also calmed them by saying, “Allah will destroy your enemies and make you caliphs on earth. We’ll see.” – Refer to the Quran (7: 129).

18) Then Allah sent down punishment one by one on Pharaoh and his followers. First, God sent down a terrible drought. The crops of the Egyptians did not bear fruit but the fields of the Children of Israel bore fruit as usual. Then the Egyptians met the prophet Moses and said, “O sorcerer, ask your god to eliminate this drought. If this drought is gone, we will believe in your god. ” So the prophet Moses prayed to God to end the drought in Egypt. After the Egyptian weather returned to normal, the Egyptians did not even believe in God, they even laughed at the prophet Moses while saying, who told us to believe? Then God sent down the flood disaster. All the houses of the Egyptians were destroyed by the floods but the houses of the Children of Israel were not affected at all. The Egyptians called the prophet Moses again, “Ask your god to remove this flood, this time we will not break the promise to believe in him.” So the prophet Moses prayed to God. After the flood receded, the Egyptians also refused to believe in God and the prophet Moses laughed again. Then Allah sent down millions of pest locusts until the day became dark because too many locusts flew to cover the sky. Once again they asked the prophet Moses to remove the disaster and still did not believe in God. Then Allah sent down the plague of lice. Millions of lice attacked the Egyptians and carried the disease of lice. Once again they asked the prophet Moses to remove the calamity and after being lost, they still did not believe in God. Then Allah brought the catastrophe. Frogs indoors, outdoors, in food, pillows, clothes, frog disease, frog rain, everything frogs. Similarly, they asked for the help of the prophet Moses and after the disaster disappeared, they refused to believe in God. And finally, God sent down the catastrophe of blood. Every time the Egyptians wanted to touch the water, the water turned to blood. When they want to drink, the blood terminum. Want a bath, a blood bath. Until their daily lives wallow in blood. During this punishment of God, the Children of Israel were not affected by any. The brand lives as usual in the midst of the Egyptian people who are living in chaos. Then just like this, they asked for help from the prophet Moses and after the catastrophe disappeared, they broke the promise to believe in God.

19) The kings of ancient Egypt they always adorned with all kinds of jewelry – gold, diamonds, diamonds, gemstones – on their heads is not valid if not a golden throne. And they bound my servants and sent them to build the pyramids and everything in Egypt. The haughty Pharaoh said to his followers. “Why did Moses not have a single piece of gold on his body? And why did he not bind the angels with ropes to worship him? Look at me! I bind my servants and they all worship me, doing whatever I command you! ”

20) Prophet Musa was upset with how arrogant the pharaoh was. And he prayed to Allah, while the Prophet Aaron assured his prayer, “O our Lord! Verily Thou didst give Pharaoh and the chiefs of his people the jewels and riches in the life of this world. O our Lord!” give them) as a consequence to lead them astray from Your way (O their disbelief). it hurts. ” – Refer to the Quran (10:88). Then Allah said, “Surely your prayers have been answered” – Refer to the Quran (10:89).

21) Then God inspired Moses to bring the Children of Israel out of Egypt at night to the edge of the sea. So Moses quietly gathered the Children of Israel at night to flee from Egypt. They asked, “Where do we want to go?”, The prophet Moses said, “Just follow. Fast!”. The news reached Pharaoh’s ears and he became angry. Pharaoh said, “It is all right, we will chase after them in the morning.” The pharaoh and his army were much faster so that morning they were able to chase the Children of Israel by the sea.

22) Pharaoh came with more than 1.5 million of his soldiers to pursue the 600,000 Israelites. As the pharaoh and his army approached, some of the Children of Israel said, “Let us go!” They are already starting to worry. Moses searched from the east and west of the coast, where they could pass to cross the sea. Then God inspired the prophet Moses to tap the sea with his staff. When the water of the sea was tapped, by the power of Allah then the sea split in two, forming a path for the prophet Moses and his people to run across the sea.

23) Pharaoh and his army became afraid. When you see the two parts of the sea that are split, the mountains rise high. The children of Israel, on the other hand, had run far away, some of whom had reached the other side. Pharaoh also said, “What are you waiting for? Chase!” And they rushed into the sea. Pharaoh was very haughty, he was convinced that he could get to the other side of the sea. Prophet Musa had reached the other side, then he tapped the sea water again and then closed the path earlier flooding the pharaoh’s soldiers. They screamed loudly and finally all at once sank to the bottom of the sea.

24) At the last moment of Pharaoh’s life while he was drowning, Pharaoh said in his heart, “I believe, that there is no god but the Children of Israel believe, and I am of those who surrender” – Refer to the Quran (10:90) . But the door of repentance was already closed for Pharaoh and God did not accept his repentance.

25) Kemudian bumi bagaikan tidak menerima mayat firaun. Dalam berjuta orang yang tenggelam di dalam laut, mayat firaun seorang sahaja yang terapung. Allah berfirman, “Maka pada hari ini, Kami biarkan engkau (hai Firaun) terlepas dengan badanmu (yang tidak bernyawa, daripada ditelan laut), untuk menjadi tanda bagi orang-orang yang di belakangmu (supaya mereka mengambil iktibar). Dan (ingatlah) sesungguhnya kebanyakan manusia lalai daripada (memerhati dan memikirkan) tanda-tanda kekuasaan Kami!” – Rujuk al Quran (10:92). Mayat firaun diawet dan disimpan di keranda dalam piramid di Mesir, dan ia kekal sehingga sekarang untuk tontonan kaum manusia sebagai pengajaran tentang kekuasaan Allah.

Detailed of Story

Harun was the elder brother of Musa. He was son of Imran. He was appointed by Allah to help his brother Musa in the arduous task of freeing and molding the unruly children of Israil into a nation. He was responsible for carrying out of the rituals of worship as assigned by Musa. His descendants still carry out these rituals in the temples of Bani Israil. He acted as the vicegerent of Musa and accompanied his brother through the desert journeys till he died at Mount Hoor.