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The Story of Prophet Ishaq (Isaac)


Did you know?

1) Prophet Isaac was born in Palestine and raised by his parents, Prophet Ibrahim and Siti Sarah.

2) The birth of Prophet Ishak is a miracle of Allah because he was born when his parents were very old (Prophet Ibrahim was 120 years old and Siti Sarah was in his 90s) and Siti Sarah was a woman who could not have children.

3) When Allah sent three angels to Prophet Ibrahim to convey that they were sent to destroy the people of Lut, Allah explained in the Quran that Siti Sarah laughed because eventually something would happen to the people of Lut and then the three angels also conveyed the good news that Siti Sarah was pregnant with the prophet Isaac. Ishak or Isaac means “who brings laughter” in conjunction with Siti Sarah’s laughter earlier.

4) Like the prophet Ishmael, the prophet Isaac became the connector of their father’s legacy in spreading goodness through Islam. Prophet Isaac gave his whole life as a prophet who fought for the religion of God.

5) Prophet Ishmael gave birth to descendants of Arab hybrids until the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. While the prophet Isaac gave birth to the prophet Jacob who gave birth to 12 children (including the prophet Joseph) who formed the 12 children of Israel. From the children of Israel were born most of the prophets such as Moses, Jesus, Aaron, David and Solomon.

6) Prophet Isaac died in Khaleel, Palestine like his father.

Detailed of story

Miraculous Birth of Prophet Ishaq (Isaac)

The Prophet Ibrahim had two sons-Prophet Isma’il and Prophet Ishaq (peace be upon them). The Prophet Ishaq (peace be upon him) was his second son born of Sarah, his wife. When the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) passed through an ordeal of sacrificing his affectionate son, Prophet Isma’il (peace be upon him) a glad-tidings of the birth of another son, Prophet Ishaq (peace be upon him) was conveyed to him. The Holy Qur’an says:

“And We gave him the tiding of the birth of Ishaq, a prophet among the righteous.” [37: 112]

The Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) had attained the age of one hundred years and Sarah was ninety. They had practically lost all hope of having an issue at this advanced age when the angel came to Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him)with the happy news of the birth of a wise son, his wife laughed and did not believe it. She remarked that she had passed the age and now it was simply a folly to expect a child.

The Qur’an tells us how this news was imparted to the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and his wife:

“And his wife standing by, laughed when We gave her good tidings (of the birth) of Ishaq and after Ishaq of Ya’qub (Jacob). She said: Oh, Woe is me! Shall I bear a child when I am an old woman and this my husband is an old man? Lo! this is a strange thing. They said: wonder thou at the Commandment of Allah ? The mercy of Allah and His blessings be upon you, O’ people of the House! Lo! He is Owner of Praise, Owner of Glory.” (11: 71-73)

The Prophet Ishaq (peace be upon him) was born as God willed. He was the chosen servant of God and his descendants were men of high spiritual rank and character. He was inspired to do noble deeds and establish right warship. He was generous at heart.

Marriage and Death

The Prophet Ishaq (peace be upon him) was married to Rebecca when he was forty years old. His wife gave birth to Esau and Ya’qub. When the Prophet Ishaq (peace be upon him) grew old he lost his eye-sight. He passed away` at Hebron at the age of 180 years. He was buried beside his father and mother.